A standard holding cabinet is big enough to hold multiple plates of food and keep them fresh and hot. It’s easy to serve food out of a holding cabinet because of its portability and easy access. These qualities make it easy to incorporate standard holding cabinets into your business.

Cabinet size, insulation, internal configuration, hinge configuration, and number of doors are all features that vary from model to model when looking at restaurant holding cabinets. Check out also cook & hold, banquets, proofers and other hot holding equipment at our online restaurant supply store.

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We know the buying process can be filled with questions and concerns when shopping for hot food holding cabinets, and this is why we at ABM Food Equipment are available to help guide you through it. Trust our experts to help you with the details, and see the difference dedication makes!

With top quality brand names such as Cres Cor, Carter Hoffmann, and Alto Shaam making up the bulk of our restaurant holding cabinets selection, you can be sure you are getting nothing but the industry’s best when it comes to your purchase. We invite you to shop our online store today!