A banquet holding cabinet is essential for catering businesses and any business that serves food to large groups. These holding cabinets are meant to keep food hot and fresh for long periods of time, and are portable and easy to move for efficient distribution.

It’s important to remember that different models of heated banquet cabinets are available with different capacities, dictating the number of plates they can hold. Check out also cook & hold, proofers, holding cabinets and other hot holding equipment at our online restaurant supply store.

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There are a few factors that should be considered when looking for a new commercial banquet cabinet including capacity, interior configuration, and size. We can help you determine exactly what you are looking for in terms of these deciding factors.

We know that quality is important to you, and this is why we only carry top-tier brands when it comes to our selection of commercial banquet equipment. Alto Shaam, Carter Hoffmann, and Cres Cor banquet cabinets are all available in our online store.