Commercial Holding Cabinets

With ABM Food Equipment’s hot holding cabinets, you will be able to store entrees, pizzas and other food products at a proper and warm temperature. These hot holding cabinets are great for caterers, bake shops and establishments that have a certain “rush” at specific times.

We have a range of hot holding cabinets from heated banquet carts and cook and hold ovens. All of our commercial holding cabinets are reliable and built with longevity in mind.

Banquet Cabinets

Designed specifically for catering services, commercial banquet cabinets can hold large capacities of food for extended periods of time.

Cook & Hold Cabinets

These holding cabinets are designed to cook and hold hot foods, keeping them fresh and ready to eat, ideally in a buffet-style restaurant setting.

Hot Holding Cabinets

Built to hold multiple plates of food while keeping them warm and ready to serve, these commercial hot holding cabinets are designed for easy access, ideal for a catering business.

Proofing Cabinets

Great for bakeries and any restaurant serving bread items, these hot holding cabinets are specially designed to hold bread and keep it fresh for extended time periods.

ABM Food Equipment’s team of dedicated experts can help you work out any detail when purchasing commercial hot holding cabinets. Size, capacity, and interior configuration are all important things to consider, and our staff is here to help!

Alto Shaam, Carter Hoffmann, Cres Cor, Vulcan, and Traulsen holding cabinets are all available in our online store, meaning that when you purchase from ABM Food Equipment you are getting quality equipment from some of the industry’s most trusted brand names.