For larger items and dishes that need to be kept warm or hot in your kitchen or dining area, a hot food table is your best choice. These tables are extremely effective at providing the right conditions for your hot food, and are very useful in a buffet-style setting.

Number of pans as well as base style differ from model to model when looking at commercial hot food tables. Undershelf base and enclosed base are both very popular base styles. Check out also ban maries, heat strips, soup kettles and other hot holding equipment at our online restaurant supply store.

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Restaurant hot food tables are meant to be used with high volumes of food and for extended periods of time. Knowing this, you’ll need to make sure you are getting the correct equipment for your restaurant. Luckily, the expert team at ABM Food Equipment can help you to do just that!

Eagle and Vollrath hot food tables are available for purchase from our online store, meaning you can be confident you are purchasing a quality piece of equipment with a quality and trusted brand name behind it. Reach out today to get started!