Commercial vertical cutter mixers are powerful and effective machines that can add a real boost to productivity in your bakery. Equipped with high horsepower and a large covered mixing bowl, these mixers are excellent for mixing batters and doughs to perfection each and every time.

Various models of commercial vertical mixers are outfitted with different features. Horsepower, capacity, and number of speeds all vary depending on which model you choose. Be sure to also check out our planetary mixers, and other food preparation equipment at our restaurant supply store.

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With a high-powered and reliable heavy-duty vertical cutter mixer in your bakery or kitchen, we guarantee you will see a noticeable boost in efficiency. We at ABM can help guide you through the buying process and help you figure out which features best suit your needs.

Robot Coupe vertical mixers are available in our online store, meaning you can make a purchase with the confidence that comes with choosing an industry-leading brand name. You’ll notice the difference the second you turn on your new mixer!