Our dough press comes with heated upper plates that can help the dough flatten faster and easier. It can also be used for cold pressing, when the heat is turned off. This will help flatten your dough nice and easy with a smooth finish to help with any shaping or cutting if necessary.

Our commercial dough presses come with different features depending on the model. Things such as various diameters, and whether a press is manual or semi-automatic should be considered when purchasing.

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You likely have a few questions when it comes to purchasing the right pizza dough presses for your establishment, and we at ABM Food Equipment are here to help you out! We can help you choose what’s right for you, going over each and every detail.

You’ll be happy to know we only carry industry-leading brand names when it comes to our commercial dough presses. DoughXpress and Somerset dough presses are available in our online store, and these brands are a signifier of our commitment to quality!