Commercial Dough Prep

The days when you would spend countless hours with a chunk of dough and a rolling pin are long gone thanks to the ingenious advancement of cooking equipment.

In today’s fast paced kitchen environment, rolling pins are considered impractical. Now you can prepare your dough with our dough sheeters and presses which will save a lot of time in preparation.

Dough Presses

Dough presses are used to flatten dough and give great consistency throughout. Dough presses can be used with or without heat, and are guaranteed to give your dough a nice finish every time.

Dough Sheeters

Dough sheeters are among the handiest types of commercial dough prep equipment. These machines are easy to use and reliable, making them an excellent addition to your establishment!

Essential for bakeries, dough preparation equipment from ABM Food Equipment is a smart choice! Our team of dedicated experts are always on hand to assist you in the buying process, making it easy to find the right piece of equipment for your establishment.

We offer top-quality brand names at affordable prices! Somerset, Doyon, IGF, Gemma, and DoughXpress dough prep equipment is all available in our online store, so get in touch with us today and take the first step towards faster and easier dough preparation!