Commercial wok ranges, also called Chinese wok burners, are designed to cook soups, stir fry dishes, and sweet and savoury sauces. You can often find these handy pieces of equipment in the kitchens of Asian-style establishments. Another great use for a commercial wok ranges is sautéing meats and veggies!

Commercial wok burners come in a variety of designs. Space-saving countertop wok ranges are available, and so are more heavy-duty floor standing models. Wok ranges with both single and multiple burners are great for any size kitchen.

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You will primarily find commercial wok ranges in Asian-style restaurant kitchens, but you find them in any kitchen that prepares soups, stir fry dishes, and sauces as well. Your customers will relish in the delicious flavours your kitchen will be whipping up with your commercial wok range from ABM!

American Range, Imperial, Royal Range and Town wok ranges are all available from ABM Food Equipment, along with plenty of other quality brands. You can pick up a wok range that suits your kitchen’s every need by shopping the variety of ranges we carry including natural gas and liquid propane-powered wok ranges.