Do a vast improvement on the common everyday sandwich by grilling it! After all, what can beat the taste of melting cheese and hot sliced meat in your mouth? This can be done with a sandwich grill, which consists of two metal plates that are hinged together, and when pressed down on a sandwich, will grill both sides to an even, heated perfection.

Our restaurant supply store has a variety of Sandwich Grills grooved sandwich grills and smooth sandwich grills. You might be also interested in checking our portfolio of commercial cooking equipment.

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You should consider a few factors when looking to acquire a new commercial sandwich grill. Plate configuration is important and can be either grooved, smooth, or a mix of the two. Plate materials such as aluminum, cast iron, and non-stick materials should also be considered.

Your sandwich shop kitchen is about to get a great upgrade with your purchase of a new commercial sandwich press from ABM Food Equipment. We carry only the best brands including Star, Eurodib, Vollrath, and more, so you can bet on reliability with each and every sandwich you grill!