It’s not enough to cook and prepare rice at a fast pace to keep up with customer demand; you also need to ensure it stays warm and fresh for extended periods of time. Cooking rice in bulk quantities means rice will sometimes sit for hours at a time, and a rice warmer will help you in this situation.

Commercial rice warmers have different cooked and uncooked rice capacities, and are excellent for ensuring your kitchen has a constant supply of ready-to-eat rice! Check out also rice cookers and other commercial cooking equipment at our online restaurant supply store.

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If you are looking for a quality professional rice warmer, you should be sure to consider a few factors. How much uncooked and cooked rice do you need your rice warmer to hold? Will you need a smaller-sized rice warmer due to limited kitchen counter space? ABM Food Equipment can help you out!

Our industrial and professional rice warmers are the perfect way to produce high volumes of ready-to-eat rice in minimal time! We carry the best brands including Hamilton Beach, Suzumo, Sunpentown, and more, which means you can count on quality every time.