Commercial stock pot ranges are used to cook foods in large stock pots and ABM Food Equipment offers a variety of multiple sizes to fit any available space. These stock pot stoves are used for the preparation of different sauces in bulk, as well as soups, pasta, chili and more.

Commercial stock pot ranges are available with different features, making it easy to pick out the one that is right for your kitchen. Single and double stock pot ranges are available, as are countertop and floor-standing ranges. Stock pot ranges can be powered by both natural gas and liquid propane.

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Commercial stock pot ranges are designed for cooking soups and sauces primarily, along with chilli and pastas. These reliable pieces of equipment make it easy to whip up soup, pasta, and sauced dishes in your restaurant! Commercial stock pot ranges are great for any establishment, including sandwich shops, upscale restaurants, and buffets.

Our stock pot ranges come in different shapes and sizes. Double stock pot ranges are best for higher volume kitchens, and countertop models are great for saving space. Alternatively, you can go with a single pot or floor-standing range. You can trust the brands we carry, which include American Range, Imperial, Royal Range, and more!