Uphold your restaurant’s reputation of excellent service and perfectly cooked food with the purchase of a commercial range oven. This range is a durable product that can cook the majority of your dishes with natural gas, and gives a higher standard for ease of use.

ABM’s commercial gas ranges are available in different designs, making it easy to pick out the one your kitchen will benefit from the most! Choose a gas range with or without a griddle, and decide whether you’d like one with a standard or space-saving oven, it’s entirely up to you!

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Commercial gas ranges are ideal for kitchens that see a higher-volume of activity. If you are running such an establishment, whether it’s a breakfast buffet, a smaller more local-type restaurant, or an upscale hotel restaurant, a quality gas range will do you wonders!

You’ll get different uses out of your gas range when you choose different features. Save space with a space-saving oven base, or make delicious breakfast items by choosing a range with a griddle top. No matter what you choose you’ll be purchasing a range from a quality brand. We carry commercial gas ranges from Vulcan, Southbend, Imperial Efi, and more!