Commercial electric range uses electricity instead of gas, which saves you the inconvenience of hooking them up to a gas line. ABM Food Equipment provides electric commercial ranges that are built to work in operations of all sizes.

Our commercial electric ranges are available with various features, so you’re guaranteed to find the right piece of equipment for your kitchen! Ranges come with and without griddles, making them versatile in the kitchen. Also, our ranges come with both standard ovens as well as space-saving ovens.

Commercial electric ranges, along with stock pot ranges, wok ranges, and gas ranges, are used to cook a variety of foods such as breakfast items, stir fry, soups, and sauces. A wide variety of restaurant types can benefit from a quality electric range, whether it’s a mom-and-pop establishment, an Asian restaurant, or a breakfast buffet!

Electric ranges come in different varieties including wok ranges, standard ranges, and stock pot ranges. These different types are used to cook different food items, making it easy to decide which type of commercial electric range is best for your restaurant! We carry trusted brands including American Range, Southbend, Imperial, and more.