Commercial Hot Plates

If your clientele base is growing and you find that there is a dire need to get some more heating sources to either cook your food or to keep it hot, consider investing in a hot plate, which is a typical portable, flat heated surface. Hot plates can be used as a standalone appliance or as a substitute for one of the burners from a commercial range.

We make it easy to select the right hot plate for your restaurant, with careful attention paid to both the number of burners and the width you need! Our restaurant supply store range of hot plates includes electric hot plates and gas hot plates. You might be also interested in checking our portfolio of commercial cooking equipment.

Gas Hot Plates

Quick to reach your desired temperature, commercial gas hot plates are an excellent choice for preparing soups and warming various other delicious dishes.

Electric Hot Plates

Commercial electric hotplates are the best choice if your kitchen does not have access to a gas line. These hot plates are effective and easy to use!

When purchasing a new commercial hot plate for your kitchen, you’ll want to make sure you consider a few things. Hot plates and countertop ranges differ from model to model, with the number of burners, width, top surface, and base all varying.

We can help you choose the right commercial hot plate or countertop range for your kitchen. With great brands such as Hatco, Eurodib, Omcan, Nemco, and more, you can be sure you are equipping your kitchen with nothing but the best!