A gyro machine is used to broil meat on a rotating spit, essential for your establishment if you are serving food such as gyro sandwiches, or dishes that include flavourful beef and lamb. An electric gyro machine is an excellent alternative to a gas one, and is dependable.

Commercial electric gyro machines will help you get that perfect flavour every time, meaning you won’t have to worry about serving up dishes that fall short of your customers’ expectations! Check out also gas gyro machines and other commercial cooking equipment at our online restaurant supply store.

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The process of making gyro meat is not only easy but also enjoyable! You and your customers will both relish in the sight and smell of delicious meat roasting on your shawarma, gyro, or doner kebab machine.

ABM Food Equipment makes it easy to find the electric gyro machine you’re looking for. We carry only the best brands including Visvardis and Optimal Automatic. Commit to freshness and great taste by equipping your restaurant with a quality electric gyro machine!