Commercial Gyro Machines

A gyro machine broils meat on a rotating spit and is cooked vertically. It is used to produce meats for gyro sandwiches and platters. You can bring authentic Greek taste to your restaurant with a gyro machine. ABM Food Equipment offers both electric and gas gyro machines that can be suited for any of your restaurant and menu needs and requirements.

A quality gyro machine is your first step to preparing your restaurant’s kitchen for making delicious dishes such as gyros, kebabs, and shawarma. Our restaurant supply store range of gyro machines includes electric gyro machines and gas gyro machines.

Gas Gyro Machines

A gas-powered commercial gyro machine is a great choice for cooking meat in a speedy manner every time. These machines will help you to get the flavour and tenderness just right when preparing your delicious dishes.

Electric Gyro Machines

Should you not have access to a gas supply in your kitchen, an electric gyro machine is the alternative you’re looking for! Easy to use and easy to clean, these shawarma machines are sure to impress.

The beauty of a commercial gyro machines lies in its ability to produce different kinds of dishes from one spit of meat. A commercial gyro machine can produce gyros, doner kebab, and shawarma easily and efficiently. The gyro machine is truly unique in its presentation of the meat and its cooking style!

At ABM Food Equipment, we carry only the best brands of shawarma, gyro, and doner kebab machines including Optimal Automatics and Visvardis. Start attracting more customers with the enticing sight of delicious meat roasting on a quality gyro machine!