The gas griddle is an essential part of any kitchen, especially restaurants that are popular breakfast spots. Bacon, eggs, sausage, all of them can be prepared fast and easy with a gas griddle. Gas griddles are also very compact, meaning you won’t have to worry about space when adding one to your kitchen.

Our commercial gas griddles are available with various plate thicknesses, numbers of burners, widths, and cooking surfaces, making it easy to find the right gas griddle for your kitchen. Check out also electric griddles and other commercial cooking equipment at our online restaurant supply store.

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In order to find the right commercial gas griddle, you’ll need to consider a few things. These include width, cooking surface, the number of burners you will need, plate thickness, and any specific style of griddle you are in need of. We can help you find what you need!

Our restaurant gas griddles are built to last, and we only carry the best brands including Vollrath, American Range, Star Max, Royal Range, and more! With the purchase of a quality gas griddle from ABM Food Equipment, you’ll be whipping up delicious dishes in a pinch!