Commercial Fryers

This a sought-after kitchen appliance that is used for deep frying, and is, of course, more commonly found in commercial kitchens. They are used to heat cooking oils so that foods can be completely covered and fried properly.

Fryers can be used to make comfort foods such as fried chicken, or delicious desserts such as funnel cakes or deep fried ice cream. Our restaurant supply store range of fryers includes counter top fryers, electric fryers, and gas fryers.

Gas Fryers

Commercial gas fryers are used to heat oil rapidly, giving you efficiency in preparing fried foods. Deep fryers come in different capacities that can handle low and high-volume amounts of food.

Electric Fryers

Commercial electric fryers can help you save on your gas bill. These fryers are efficient at heating and recovering between fry cycles. Commercial electric deep fryers come in both countertop and floor models.

A quality commercial fryer from ABM Food Equipment is a wise investment for your restaurant. Commercial gas and electric deep fryers make it easy to cook large amounts of fried food in minimal time. We carry only the best brands including Star Max, Pitco, American Range, and more!

If space is a main concern, we can help! Our commercial countertop deep fryers are designed to take up minimal space, giving your kitchen staff more room to perform other cooking tasks. ABM Food Equipment is here to help you find the right fryer for your kitchen!