Our cheese melters can provide melting, grilling, roasting and browning options in a compact unit. It is typically used for melting cheese on sandwiches, soups, nachos and more. In addition, cheese broilers have the added benefit of warming up breads and pizzas.

Commercial cheese melters are vital kitchen tools that will be sure to boost your staff’s performance! Easy to use, easy to clean, and dependable; our commercial cheese melters are built to last. A good cheese melter is best paired with a quality salamander broiler or charbroiler, both of which we also carry!

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If you own a bakery, pizzeria, or sandwich shop, you’re going to want a reliable commercial cheese melter. Sandwiches, nachos, soups, and baked goods will be tasting their best when you reach that perfect level of browning in your cheese.

Cheese melters differ from salamander broilers in the sense that they are exclusively used to melt cheese, whereas salamander broilers can melt cheese but also cook and re-heat foods. ABM Food Equipment carries only the best brands when it comes to our cheese melters. These include Royal Star Max, Vulcan, Wells, Imperial, and more!