Commercial Broilers

If you want to add an extra kick to your food, to make your cheese cheesier and your meat crispier, consider getting a broiler. A broiler will make your food that perfect shade of brown, with an immediate direct delivery system for high heat. You can create quality lasagna, nachos, pizzas and more under a broiler in just several minutes.

Running a successful restaurant requires your kitchen staff to be efficient, and ABM’s commercial broilers are a great way to help! Our charbroilers, cheese melters, and salamander broilers are designed to be used easily and with minimal clean up, boosting your kitchen productivity!


Charbroilers can be a lifesaver when cooking up meat and poultry items such as delicious steaks, hamburgers, fish, and chicken. You’ll not only get great taste, but also visually appealing grill marks.

Cheese Melters

Cheese Melters are essential for bakery and sandwich shop owners in the preparation of pizzas, sandwiches, soups, nachos, and more. You’ll get cheese melted to perfection each and every time.

Salamander Broilers

If you run a more heavy-volume establishment, a salamander broiler is a good substitute for a cheese melter. Salamander broilers allow you to easily melt cheese and cook food simultaneously.

Commercial Broilers from ABM Food Equipment are used to cook a wide range of foods including pizzas, sandwiches, nachos, hamburgers, steaks, fish, and chicken. Whether you’re running a bakery, sandwich shop, or a higher volume restaurant, your kitchen will benefit greatly from a quality commercial broiler.

Each type of broiler is designed for a specific use. Cheese melters are exclusively used to melt cheese, while salamander broilers and charbroilers are used to cook various types of food thoroughly. ABM carries commercial broilers from trusted names such as Vollrath, American Range, MVP, Imperial, and more!