Alto -Shaam Combi Ovens

Alto-Shaam Commercial Gas Combi Oven - CTC7-20G - w/ $2000 Instant Rebate (BC Only)
Alto-Shaam CT Proformance Gas Combi Oven CTP7-20G - 8 Pan
Alto-Shaam CT Proformance Gas Combi Oven CTP6-10G - 7 Pan

Combitherm® Combi Ovens

Unmatched performance, precision & quality. The all-in-one solution for efficient and consistent volume food production. The combi oven combines a steam and convection oven into one versatile unit and can serve a variety of cooking functions. Alto-Shaam’s combi ovens allow chefs to control humidity and temperature separately, with powerful results. The same oven can be used to dehydrate vegetables, roast pork, steam rice, smoke brisket and bake loaves of bread.

Gas Combi Ovens

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$2000 Instant Rebate for British Columbia

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Alto-Shaam Combi Ovens Key Benefits

  • Blazing Speed – PROpower™ delivers an instant turbo boost of heat to accelerate production up to 20% faster than other combi ovens and up to 80% faster than convection technology.
  • ENERGY STAR – The CTP7-20G and CTP7-20E ovens are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Precision & Quality – The Absolute Humidity Control™ system allows you to select any humidity level from 0–100% helping you to maximize food quality, texture and yield. The auto-reversing fan delivers balanced airflow for ideal product browning, texture and finish.
  • Easy Cleaning – Cleaning is a breeze with CombiCleanPLUS™ automatic cleaning cycle with options from “light clean” to “heavy soil.”
  • Smoke Hot or Cold – The optional smoker allows you to smoke anything hot or cold without any flavor transfer.

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