Pub Equipment

Whether you are opening a new pub, or are already the owner of one, you have chosen to run an establishment that is all about a welcoming atmosphere, superb drinks, and of course delicious meals. These are all things that define a successful pub, and with the help of ABM Food Equipment, your pub can be among the best in the business!

We offer a variety of useful and reliable pieces of kitchen equipment that will help your staff be as efficient as possible when it comes to whipping up delicious pub fare. Griddles, food warmers, dishwashers, and deep fryers are among the valuable pieces of equipment we can supply you with.

Commercial Deep Fryers

The deep fryer is perhaps the most important piece of kitchen equipment you’ll find in any pub’s kitchen. Many popular pub foods are deep fried to perfection, such as chicken fingers, fish and chips, and chicken wings, and ABM Food Equipment has gas, electric, and countertop deep fryers of the highest quality. Our gas deep fryers are just what you need to achieve maximum results when preparing deep fried dishes, and our electric models are an excellent alternative if you do not have access to gas power. Our countertop deep fryers are great for saving space and are just as effective.


The griddle is essential in preparing tasty breakfast foods such as bacon, eggs, hash browns, and sausages. If your pub serves breakfast, the griddle is going to be your best friend! ABM Food Equipment can supply your kitchen with quality-made griddles that come in both gas and electric models. Our gas griddles are high-powered and able to keep up in even the busiest of pub kitchens, while our electric griddles are just as effective and can be a life saver if your kitchen does not have access to gas power!

Food Warmers

If you are a high-volume pub restaurant with a buffet, you’re going to need reliable food warming equipment to make sure your food stays warm and ready to eat for extended periods of time. We offer plenty of food warming equipment including Bain Maries that are made from stainless steel and have tempered glass guards for extra hygiene and safety. We also carry heat strips which are perfect for keeping smaller food items warm, and are easy to install. Larger food items can be kept warm and ready to eat using hot food tables, which are great for providing the right conditions for a variety of foods to sit for longer periods of time. Lastly, our soup kettles are what you need if you want to make sure soups stay fresh and hot for as long as possible.

Commercial Dishwashers

A good dishwasher is important in any kitchen, and your pub should definitely have one. However, a pub should have a special type of dishwasher as well, and that is the glasswasher. Pubs are known for serving a number of refreshing beverages, especially beer, and this means you are likely going to have a steady stream of glasses making their way back to your kitchen. If you want to keep the good times flowing for your customers, you are going to have to make sure you are serving them drinks in clean glasses. Our glasswashers are made to wash a high number of glasses at a time, making them the perfect addition to your pub!

Your pub is sure to attract customers day after day and night after night when you choose to partner with ABM Food Equipment! We can provide you with everything your pub needs to keep its customers happy and well fed and refreshed. Glasswashers, deep fryers, food warmers, griddles; all of these can either make or break your pub restaurant depending on their quality, and when you choose ABM Food Equipment, you can be confident you are getting the best the industry has to offer. We’ll make sure you and your customers are both satisfied!