Pizza Shop Equipment

Running a pizzeria is about passion for great taste and excellent service. Pizza is a universally loved food, so you better make sure you are getting it right! At ABM Food Equipment, we understand that in order to run a pizzeria successfully, you need to have the right equipment.

This is why we offer only the best in ovens, refrigeration, dough mixers, and more. All of our equipment is guaranteed to go beyond your expectations and provide you with the means to operate an efficient pizzeria!

Deck Ovens

A deck oven from ABM Food Equipment is an amazing piece of equipment for your pizzeria kitchen! Not only are these ovens ideal for cooking pizzas, they can also easily handle other foods as well. Deck ovens are available in both gas and electric models, and do not take up much space in your kitchen either. You’ll be cooking more pizzas in less time when you’ve outfitted your pizzeria kitchen with a deck oven from ABM Food Equipment.

Conveyor Ovens

Conveyor ovens have been a favourite with pizza restaurants for decades, and for good reason! These ovens are an excellent way to keep the pizza coming in your pizzeria, making them an excellent choice for a restaurant that sees a high volume of customers regularly. Fast, automated, and convenient are the words that best describe these ovens, which are available in both gas and electric models. ABM Food Equipment’s conveyor ovens feature adjustable temperatures and a conveyor belt with adjustable speed.

Convection Ovens

ABM Food Equipment offers quality commercial convection ovens that are an excellent addition to your pizzeria’s kitchen. Equipped with a fan that circulates hot air around its contents in order to create a consistent temperature, convection ovens allow you to cook food quickly and consistently, faster than regular ovens. We offer both single and double ovens, both of which come in gas or electric models, so you are sure to find a convection oven that suits your pizzeria kitchen’s needs.

Stone Ovens

There is something special about a pizzeria that makes stone-baked pizza, isn’t there? ABM Food Equipment’s stone ovens are ideal in creating that perfect stone-baked taste that so many customers these days seem to crave. These ovens are built with pizza-making traditions in mind, and are exactly what you’re looking for if you want to make your pizzeria stand out as a provider of authentic pizza experiences.

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Planetary Mixers

Much like spiral mixers, planetary mixers are an invaluable tool in pizza dough preparation, mixing dough until that perfect consistency is reached. The main difference between the two mixer types is that planetary mixers are built with bowls that do not rotate, but instead raise and lower and move from side to side to get that perfect mix. This change in design does not affect the planetary mixer’s dough mixing abilities, however, making it just as great a tool in your pizzeria kitchen.

Spiral Mixers

A spiral mixer’s main function is to gently mix dough until it is at the right consistency with the proper gluten structure, all while never overworking it. This process is paramount in ensuring that your pizza dough is going to bake properly and turn out perfect and delicious every time. Spiral mixers from ABM Food Equipment are available in a number of different brands including Hobart, Doyon, and Univex. They come with adjustable speeds and are very easy to use!

Dough Sheeter

The key to making good pizza is pizza dough, and this is why we at ABM Food take dough preparation equipment seriously! Our dough sheeters are designed to prepare pizza dough easily and quickly, with minimal maintenance. Coming in a variety of models that allow for different sized dough sheets, these handy machines are perfect for both new and existing pizzeria kitchens alike!

Pizza Prep Cooler

Making pizzas of all kinds involves using plenty of different ingredients. Meats, veggies, and even fruit in the case of pineapples are all used in pizza preparation at any given pizzeria. So where do you store these ingredients in order to ensure they remain fresh and ready? In a pizza prep cooler from ABM Food Equipment, that’s where! Our pizza prep coolers are perfect for making sure your pizza toppings and ingredients stay fresh and last longer. Easy access makes it simple to get what you need from the cooler, when you need it.

Walk-in Refrigeration

If you are already running or looking to open a pizzeria that will see a large volume of customers, you will no doubt be running a bigger than average kitchen, and a bigger than average kitchen needs bigger than average refrigeration options. ABM Food Equipment carries walk-in refrigerators that can make storing high volumes of dough and pizza ingredients easy. These refrigerators are easy to access and have plenty of space, so you can keep your ingredients all in one place!

Food Processors

If you are running an authentic or gourmet pizzeria, chances are you will want to go beyond the simple pepperoni and cheese formula. This is where ABM Food Equipment’s food processors can help you out! These machines are able to dice, chop, grate, and grind anything you put into them, making it easy to whip up toppings that can be easily spread over a hot pizza pie, such as bruschetta! Our food processors are made with stainless steel and are very easy to clean and maintain.

Commercial Gas Range

ABM Food Equipment carries gas ranges that are perhaps some of the most valuable pieces of kitchen equipment you can think of. A gas range can be used to cook all kinds of foods, and your pizzeria’s kitchen is sure to find more than one use for it! Our gas ranges come in both 24” and 36” models and carry quality brand names including American Range, Southbend, and Imperial. By choosing one of our durable and versatile gas ranges, you are giving your pizzeria’s kitchen a real boost!

Commercial Stock Pot Range

Commercial stock pot ranges are used to cook foods in large stock pots. If you are looking to open or are currently running a pizzeria, pizza sauce is your main reason for wanting to own a quality stock pot range. These ranges are used to cook all kinds of sauces in bulk, which is good news if you are going to be seeing a high volume of pizza-craving customers at your restaurant. ABM Food Equipment’s stock pot ranges are available in different sizes too, so you’ll be sure to find the one you’re looking for.

Pizza Warmers

A pizza warmer is the perfect addition to your concession stand, convenience store, snack shack, or buffet. By using a pizza merchandiser, you will not only keep pizzas hot warm, but you will also increase impulse sales since guests will be able to see and smell your tantalizing product! The selections include cabinets with differing numbers of tiers, so you can set out multiple pizza flavors and styles.

Meat Prep Equipment

The most important pieces of equipment for your butcher shop or deli are undoubtedly those used for meat preparation. At ABM Food Equipment, you’ll find everything you need to make quality cuts every single time. Our slicers are state-of-the-art and can give you your desired thickness each and every time. Our meat grinders are excellent for preparing ground beef, chicken, or pork, and can open up a slew of new possibilities for your product line. And of course, our band saws are ideal for preparing and achieving cuts that satisfy in every way possible.

With our help, your dream of opening an authentic pizzeria can become an amazing reality! Or, if you are simply looking to overhaul an existing pizzeria kitchen, we can help you to achieve that too. Our wide selection of ovens, ranges, dough equipment, and refrigeration options are just what you are looking for and will help you to take your pizza game to the next level!