Hotel Equipment

If you are running a hotel, there are many things to consider, and one of those is your hotel kitchen. With room service and hotel restaurants being very common in today’s hotel industry, it’s no wonder so many hotel owners are serious about their kitchen equipment!

At ABM Food Equipment, we understand the demands of running a hotel kitchen, and we have everything you need to make sure you are operating at maximum efficiency!

Combi Ovens

When looking for cooking, steaming, and baking equipment, there is one piece of equipment that can do it all; the combi oven! This versatile oven is available from ABM Food Equipment in both gas and electric models, meaning it is the perfect choice for your hotel kitchen. With so many guests staying at your hotel, it’s essential to be able to whip up a number of different dishes, and the combi oven is going to make this much easier for you and your kitchen staff!

Commercial Gas Range

A gas range is an essential piece of kitchen equipment for many reasons. A good gas range can boost your production and allow your kitchen staff to make plenty of food more often. This is especially useful in a hotel kitchen seeing as room service demands can be overwhelming at times. Our gas ranges are available in a number of sizes, which means you’ll be able to take full advantage of this versatile piece of equipment no matter what size your kitchen is.

Roll-in / Walk-in Refrigeration

Refrigeration is one of the most important things to consider when running a hotel kitchen, or any kitchen for that matter. In order to keep food and ingredients fresh, proper refrigeration will need to be your first and only resort. Roll-in refrigeration is an excellent choice when it comes to keeping your food products fresh and ready for cooking. These refrigeration units available from ABM Food Equipment come in a number of sizes and are capable of handling different capacities.

Undercounter Coolers

In order to run a successful hotel kitchen, you need proper food storage solutions. In order to keep food fresh and avoid spoils, you need a quality cooler. What’s better than a durable and  long-lasting kitchen cooler? A cooler that can go right underneath your counter, of course! Our undercounter coolers are excellent for not only fresh food storage, but also for saving space in your kitchen! We invite you to go over our selection today and decide which is right for you.

Deep Fryers

Of all the pieces of kitchen equipment available from ABM Food Equipment, the deep fryer is one of the best for a reason. Deep fryers are essential in the preparation of so many restaurant dishes, and they are always a staple of any kitchen, no matter the type or style of restaurant.Your hotel kitchen will be in an excellent position to produce delicious deep-fried foods quickly and on time every single day with a reliable deep fryer!

Char Broilers

A good char broiler allows you to broil meat and seafood to charred perfection! This cooking style is perfect for giving food those nice smoky flavours that are sure to get your hotel guests’ mouths watering. ABM Food Equipment carries a number of char broilers, making it easy to find the one that is perfect for your hotel kitchen. The best thing about our char broilers is that they are compact and minimally invasive, and are even able to fit right on your countertop. Their smaller size makes for easy storage too!

Commercial Griddles / Flat Grill

A good flat grill is what any kitchen needs in order to grill food items to perfection. If your hotel kitchen is serving things such as grilled sandwiches, you’ll want to make sure you don’t skimp on the grilling! ABM Food Equipment’s flat grills are designed for ease of use and are guaranteed to last long, meaning your kitchen will be all set to produce grilled menu items consistently!

Conveyor Toasters

Many hotel restaurants provide breakfast service, which is very popular among guests. With toast being a staple of the traditional breakfast formula, you’re going to need something that can toast large amounts of bread over shorter periods of time. A conveyor toaster from ABM Food Equipment is exactly what you need to have a constant source of toast rolling out of your kitchen for your guests to enjoy!

Hot Water Dispensers

A quality hot water dispenser is a versatile and invaluable piece of kitchen equipment for your hotel. These machines are built with quality in mind and are excellent for everyday constant use. Our hot water dispensers are built to be more compact than other similar pieces of equipment, meaning that they can fit snugly into your kitchen next to your sinks, shelves, or any anything else. Hot beverages and food items involving hot water are much easier to prepare with a reliable hot water dispenser at your disposal.


The microwave; if there is a more essential piece of kitchen equipment we have not found it!ABM Food Equipment carries a number of durable and reliable microwaves, perfect for your hotel kitchen. We have heavy duty microwaves, for when things get busy, moderate duty microwaves for those normal days, and rapid-cooking microwaves for when it’s crunch time! .No matter how busy your kitchen is, you’ll get more than enough use out of your microwave, we guarantee it!

Induction Cookers

For fast and easy preparation of a number of dishes common in hotel restaurants, an induction cooker is your best friend! These portable pieces of kitchen equipment are excellent for getting the job done while saving space, since they fit snugly on your countertop. Storage is easy too,given their size, and their fast cook times will be more than satisfying for your kitchen staff. Outfitting your hotel kitchen with the latest in induction cooking is easy with ABM Food Equipment!

Commercial Ice Dispensers

Perfect for hotels, these big ice dispensers will have over 300 lbs of ice per day. All automated and easy to use, self serve machines.

Hot Holding Cabinets

Proofing cabinets ensure that your dough rises properly is an absolute necessity in every bakery and pizzeria. These cabinets control humidity levels and temperature so that you can find the perfect conditions for your dough recipes. An additional feature is these cabinets can also be doubled as hot holding cabinets to help keep all your other freshly cooked foods warm until meals and snacks are delivered.

Your hotel kitchen is not complete without the latest in kitchen equipment, and ABM Food Equipment is your number one supplier! With quality deep fryers, refrigeration units, ovens, microwaves, and more, your hotel kitchen will be ready to keep the dishes coming and your guests satisfied!