Food Truck Equipment

The food truck business is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s good you have decided to get in on the action! Your food truck is going to be successful only if it is outfitted with the right equipment, and ABM Food Equipment is your best source for the right stuff.

We carry the best brands when it comes to all of the different components of a proper food truck. Your meals on wheels are sure to taste extra-good when you choose to partner with us!

Commercial Deep Fryers

A deep fryer is the backbone of any food truck, seeing as food trucks are usually meant to deliver fast dishes that follow the burger and fries kind of model. Many popular food truck foods, such as French fries, chicken fingers, and onion rings are cooked using a deep fryer, making it an absolutely essential piece of equipment for your mobile eatery!

Commercial Gas Range

If there is one piece of equipment that rivals the deep fryer for the title of the most convenient part of your food truck, it’s most definitely the gas range. ABM Food Equipment can supply gas ranges from trusted brands, all of which are versatile and tough. The gas range can be used to cook a number of dishes with natural gas, and it sets a high standard when it comes to durability and ease of use.

Undercounter Refrigeration

Your food truck is not going to have the luxury of a spacious kitchen, so this means that you are going to have to be smart when it comes to the compactivity of your equipment. In the case of refrigeration options for your food truck, you can save plenty of space by going with an undercounter refrigerator from ABM Food Equipment. These refrigerators are designed to fit snugly under your counter, giving you more space for storage and food preparation.

Panini Grill / Flat Grill

Paninis are a staple of any sandwich shop. These hot grilled sandwiches are delicious for lunch or for a daytime snack, and if you are running a café or sandwich shop, you’re going to want to make sure to achieve grilled perfection when it comes to paninis. A good flat grill is excellent for bringing out the best possible taste in your sandwich shop’s sandwiches. Designed to be used easily, with minimal risk of burning, ABM Food Equipment’s flat grills are exactly what you need to keep up with the demand for hot delicious sandwiches.

Commercial Charbroilers

A good char broiler allows you to broil meat and seafood to charred perfection! This cooking style is perfect for giving food those nice smoky flavours that are sure to get your hotel guests’ mouths watering. ABM Food Equipment carries a number of char broilers, making it easy to find the one that is perfect for your hotel kitchen. The best thing about our char broilers is that they are compact and minimally invasive, and are even able to fit right on your countertop. Their smaller size makes for easy storage too!

Commercial Griddles

A good flat grill is what any kitchen needs in order to grill food items to perfection. If your hotel kitchen is serving things such as grilled sandwiches, you’ll want to make sure you don’t skimp on the grilling! ABM Food Equipment’s flat grills are designed for ease of use and are guaranteed to last long, meaning your kitchen will be all set to produce grilled menu items consistently!

Commercial Hot Plates

Microwave Ovens

Many cafés and sandwich shops use microwaves in their kitchens in order to keep up with demand on busy days, so why should your establishment be any different? Keep up with the other guys by outfitting your kitchen with a quality microwave from ABM Food Equipment. We carry both heavy and moderate duty microwaves, allowing your kitchen to keep up and put efficiency above all else.

Chest Freezer

In order to keep your ingredients fresh, many will probably need to remain frozen. Your food truck is smaller than the average kitchen, so this means you’ll want your freezer to be space-saving and easily accessible all at once. A chest freezer from ABM Food Equipment is exactly what you need! These freezers are excellent for providing you with the freezing you need, while giving you more space for storage and food preparation in your food truck.

Sandwich Prep Tables

Many food trucks specialize in sandwiches, and if your food truck happens to fall under this category, you’ll need special equipment to make sure you are operating at maximum efficiency. One of the things you’ll need is a quality cooler for all of your sandwich ingredients. ABM Food Equipment carries a number of durable sandwich prep coolers, all guaranteed to keep your cheeses, deli meats, sauces, and more, fresh and ready for use!

Display Warmers

Display warmers are used to keep certain foods, such as pizza and popcorn, warm and fresh while at the same time on display for your customers to see. Many food trucks operate at locations such as fairs, festivals, and street markets, and these events often feature the kind of foods that are perfect for display warmers. You can give your customers a look at what they are in for when you choose a display warmer from ABM Food Equipment for your food truck.

Stock Pot Range

Commercial stock pot ranges are used to cook foods in large stock pots. If you are looking to open or are currently running a pizzeria, pizza sauce is your main reason for wanting to own a quality stock pot range. These ranges are used to cook all kinds of sauces in bulk, which is good news if you are going to be seeing a high volume of pizza-craving customers at your restaurant. ABM Food Equipment’s stock pot ranges are available in different sizes too, so you’ll be sure to find the one you’re looking for.

Bain Marie

Whether it’s a gas range, a deep fryer, an undercounter refrigerator, a panini grill, or anything else, ABM Food Equipment is the food truck kitchen equipment expert! If you are just starting out in the food truck business, we have the know-how and the industry experience to start you off on the right foot. If you are simply looking to upgrade your existing food truck with the latest and greatest equipment, we can help you with that too!