Café Equipment

If you are looking to open a café-style restaurant and do not know where to start when it comes to finding the best equipment, look no further than ABM Food Equipment! Whether you are just starting out or already running a café but looking for upgrades, we have everything you need to make sure your café is run smoothly.

From Sandwich grills and microwaves, to coffee brewers and ice makers, you can find what you are looking for at ABM Food Equipment. Perfect for preparing those seasonal treats, lunch items, and fresh breakfast options, the proper equipment to include in your café kitchen is at your disposal when you choose ABM Food Equipment.

Commercial Sandwich Grills

The sandwich grill is one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment for any café. ABM Food Equipment can supply your café kitchen with both grooved and smooth sandwich grills. Grooved grills are essential for achieving that artisan-style look and can be used to prepare a variety of sandwiches that will look as good as they taste. A smooth grill is excellent for achieving great taste and efficiency when it comes to making sandwiches. Both are a valuable addition to your café kitchen.

Commercial Microwaves

The microwave is an important piece of equipment for any kitchen, and at ABM Food Equipment, you’ll find a variety of them. Our commercial microwaves come in moderate, heavy duty, and rapid cooking models, meaning you’re guaranteed to find the one you are looking for! Moderate duty microwaves are an excellent all-around choice that can handle most of what you throw at them, and they are ideal for a fast-paced kitchen environment. Heavy duty microwaves are for when you need to handle a bigger job and can prepare foods that a moderate duty microwave cannot. Lastly, the rapid cooking microwave is ideal for very fast-paced kitchen environments in restaurants that see a high volume of customers on a daily basis.

Commercial Dishwashers

If your café is seeing a high volume of customers, then you are going to want to make sure you can handle the number of dirty dishes that are sure to pile up on a daily basis. ABM Food Equipment offers durable and efficient undercounter dishwashers that can help ease the dirty dishes burden. With an undercounter dishwasher installed in your café’s kitchen, you can rest assured that your staff has the means to deal with even the highest piles of plates, bowls, mugs and cutlery.

Commercial Ice Machines

Iced drinks are extremely popular at cafés, especially in the hotter Summer months. Your café is likely going to feature more than one of these refreshing beverages, so you need to make sure you have the equipment necessary to produce them efficiently and with quality in mind. This is where the under counter ice maker comes in! ABM Food Equipment can supply your café kitchen with an undercounter ice maker that can produce the ice you need at a constant pace, ensuring that your staff is ready to whip up an iced beverage or frozen treat at any time. These ice makers are also designed to save space, meaning they will be minimally invasive in your café kitchen.

Beverage Equipment

Cafés are always the first places to come to mind when someone is craving a hot drink in the winter or a refreshing beverage in the summer, so this means your café needs to be outfitted with reliable and efficient beverage equipment. ABM Food Equipment is your best source for anything you need to make your café a local hotspot for coffee, tea, smoothies, iced coffee, and any other beverage! Our hot water dispensers are ideal for preparing hot beverages, and our coffee brewers will guarantee you that perfect rich blend that so many of your customers are likely to be craving. Lastly, our coffee percolators will give you that extra touch needed to consistently pump out a hot and satisfying cup of joe

Commercial Toasters

Used for preparing a number of breakfast items, a quality toaster is going to be an essential part of your café’s kitchen. Bagels, toast, and other traditionally toasted food items can all be prepared quickly without sacrificing taste and without being under-toasted when you choose a toaster available from ABM Food Equipment. Your café is likely going to be serving a number of toasted menu items, so you will not want to settle for less when it comes to a toaster for your kitchen!

Commercial Grinders

Countertop Convection Ovens

A convection oven provides the same consistent and accelerated cooking times as its full-size counterparts, but in even less space. These portable convection ovens are baked pretty consistently and uniformly. Perfect for all types of cooking, these ovens reduce the time of cooking without compromising quality and help you improve the efficiency of your kitchen.

Commercial Refrigeration

Proper refrigeration is going to be very important in your bakery, and ABM Food Equipment can help. We offer a great selection of both undercounter and reach-in refrigerators which fit snuggly into your bakery, making for easy and reliable refrigeration that does not take up too much of your valuable space. Undercounter refrigerators are excellent if you need to take up as little space in your bakery as possible; they are easily accessible and perfectly capable of storing your refrigerated products. Reach-in refrigerators are built for convenience and will go above and beyond when it comes to keeping your ingredients fresh.

With the wide selection of quality products available form ABM Food Equipment, your café-style restaurant is guaranteed to be the buzz of the neighbourhood! Café culture is more popular and innovative now than it has ever been before, and you’ll want to make sure you and your own café are at the forefront of whatever comes next. ABM Food Equipment can help you to reach your goal in running a successful café that will have customers coming back repeatedly. Going beyond just plain coffee and tea is easy when you have the right equipment, ABM Food Equipment can get you there!