Butcher/Deli Equipment

Owning a butcher shop or deli means you are going to need only the best when it comes to equipment for cutting, storing, and processing different types of meat. A butcher shop or deli is meant to be a place where customers can come for fresh products that are a leg up from what’s available at the local supermarket. In order to meet the needs of your customers, you’ll need the right equipment and tools!

ABM Food Equipment has built a name for itself in providing top quality equipment for a wide variety of restaurant types, and a butcher shop or deli is no exception! From work tables and blocks, to refrigeration and meat prep tools, ABM Food Equipment has all of the bases covered.

Work Tables

Your butcher shop or deli is going to need proper surfaces on which you can take care of business. ABM Food Equipment offers an excellent variety of work tables that are both durable and practical. Our stainless-steel work tables are tough and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for both storage and work. Our maple work tables are just as tough as their stainless-steel counterparts and can be extremely valuable when you need to prepare the day’s products or organize your butcher shop or deli.


A good block is a cornerstone of any butcher shop, and at ABM Food Equipment we have just the block for you. Made out of tough and durable maple, our blocks are ideal for the necessary chopping and grinding that comes with running a butcher shop or deli. You’ll be able to make cuts with ease, making it easy to keep up with customer demand on even the busiest of days. Our blocks are built with longevity in mind and are guaranteed to last you years; never again will you be forced to find alternatives when it comes to chopping.


With all of the product you’ll be producing in your butcher shop or deli, you’re going to have to freeze some of it. Meat can spoil quickly if not properly taken care of, so it’s important to take measures to ensure it stays as fresh as possible. ABM Food Equipment supplies both reach-in and walk-in freezers for your butcher shop or deli. Reach-in freezers are excellent if you’d like to save some space, while walk-in freezers are the perfect choice if you are looking to freeze and store more than just a few cuts of meat.

Meat Prep Equipment

The most important pieces of equipment for your butcher shop or deli are undoubtedly those used for meat preparation. At ABM Food Equipment, you’ll find everything you need to make quality cuts every single time. Our slicers are state-of-the-art and can give you your desired thickness each and every time. Our meat grinders are excellent for preparing ground beef,chicken, or pork, and can open up a slew of new possibilities for your product line. And of course, our band saws are ideal in preparing and achieving cuts that satisfy in every way possible.


Of course, a good butcher shop or deli is not just about what’s behind the scenes; it’s also about what the customer sees when they enter your shop. ABM Food Equipment sells a great selection of refrigerated display cases, making it easy to showcase your products and give your customers a look at the kind of quality work and effort you put into each and every one of your cuts. Our display cases guarantee a clear and unobstructed view every time, making it easy to catch the eye of every customer that walks through the door!

A successful butcher shop or deli is all about quality and dedication, and with the equipment you will find at ABM Food Equipment, you’ll be on your way to running an efficient business that cares about its customers. If you want to achieve perfect cuts every time, you’ll need the best equipment, and ABM Food Equipment can help! We provide you with everything you need to not only be as efficient as possible behind the scenes, but to also make your shop as appealing as possible to your customers.