Buffet Equipment

Running a buffet-style restaurant can be quite a challenge, with not only plenty of customers to look after, but also plenty of dishes to wash, and lots of equipment to monitor and maintain. At ABM Food Equipment, we can supply your buffet restaurant with the best in self-service-focused equipment.

Hot tables, beverage dispensers, display warmers, all of these and more are available, and all are made by quality brands that are guaranteed to satisfy both you and your customer base.

Cold Beverage Dispensers

Many buffet-style restaurants offer cold beverages such as soft drinks, and oftentimes these drinks are dispensed using machines that the customers themselves operate. ABM Food Equipment carries nothing but the best cold beverage dispensers, all of which are easy to use and durable, which are the exact qualities you’re looking for if your customers are going to be using the machine. Customer use also means that these machines are going to need to be cleaned often, but don’t worry! Our cold beverage dispensers are easy to clean and maintain.

Chafing Dish

If your buffet-style restaurant is going to be serving hot prepared foods to customers, a chafing dish is going to be one of your best friends. These raised grill-like dishes are perfect for holding hot items such as cooked meats, allowing customers to serve themselves with ease every single time. ABM Food Equipment offers chafing dishes that are not only sturdy and long-lasting, but also easy to maintain and clean, which is a big plus when it comes to equipment that is often being handled by customers.

Hot Food Tables

If chafing dishes are not enough to serve up the hot food items your buffet restaurant offers, and you simply need more room, the hot food tables offered by ABM Food Equipment are the answer to your prayers! These sturdy and easy to maintain hot food tables are essential in providing customers with easy access to your restaurant’s hot food items. We guarantee you will see a more orderly and efficient self-service process in your restaurant when you choose a quality hot food table, meaning your buffet is without a doubt going to have customers coming back for seconds.

Conveyor Toasters

For buffet restaurants that serve breakfast, the conveyor toaster is going to be an absolutely essential piece of equipment. These machines are designed to toast a large number of bread slices in as short a time as possible by using a conveyor belt that has an adjustable speed. Along with the speed, the temperature can be adjusted, allowing for different levels of toasting. A good conveyor toaster makes it easy for your customers to toast as much bread as they like to go with their eggs, sausages, and bacon.

Bain Maries

Display Warmers

A display warmer is a popular piece of buffet equipment that is perfect for displaying foods such as pizza while keeping them warm and ready to eat. Your buffet-style restaurant will benefit greatly from one or more display warmers from ABM Food Equipment, and your customers will thank you! Our display warmers are easily accessible, meaning your guests can reach in and remove the contents easily and without any risk of burns.

Beverage Equipment

Cafés are always the first places to come to mind when someone is craving a hot drink in the winter or a refreshing beverage in the summer, so this means your café needs to be outfitted with reliable and efficient beverage equipment. ABM Food Equipment is your best source for anything you need to make your café a local hotspot for coffee, tea, smoothies, iced coffee, and any other beverage! Our hot water dispensers are ideal for preparing hot beverages, and our coffee brewers will guarantee you that perfect rich blend that so many of your customers are likely to be craving. Lastly, our coffee percolators will give you that extra touch needed to consistently pump out a hot and satisfying cup of joe

Hot Holding Cabinets

With the help of ABM Food Equipment, your new or existing buffet-style restaurant will be ready to go when it comes to serving a steady stream of hungry customers. We understand what it takes to run a good buffet, and our industry expertise can help guide you in purchasing the best equipment at the absolute best and most affordable prices. We invite you to get in touch with us today to find out how we can get your buffet restaurant off to a great start!