Bakery Equipment

Owning and operating a successful bakery can be quite a challenge. There are many pieces of equipment, as well as tools that are required, and if any of them are lacking in quality your bakery could suffer as a result. At ABM Food Equipment, we have everything you need in order to open a bakery, or upgrade one you already own.

Our top of the line equipment is ideal for making sure that your bakery is operating at maximum capacity and that your staff are not hard pressed to find ways to make your products great! From combination ovens and refrigerators,to work tables and smallware, you can find everything you need at ABM Food Equipment!

Combination Ovens

Available in both gas and electric models, combination ovens from ABM Food Equipment are ideal in making sure a bakery is properly equipped. With a quality combination oven, you have the power of three different cooking methods at your fingertips; pressureless steam, convected heat, and a combination of the two. This allows for plenty of diversity in your bakery, meaning there will be no end to the delicious possibilities you can whip up! Gas combination ovens are great and dependable pieces of equipment, and electric models are just as reliable, and are a good alternative to gas ovens.


So much of successful baking depends on mixing. If your ingredients are not properly mixed,your end product could come out less than desirable, and that’s not good for anyone! Your bakery needs to be equipped with the best in mixing technology, and this is where ABM Food Equipment comes in. We carry both spiral and planetary mixers, which are both great additions to your bakery. The spiral mixer comes with various speed settings and is great for gently mixing bread dough until it is at optimal consistency, making it bake easier and faster. Planetary mixers also have various speed settings and are built with a fixed bowl. The bowl is raised and lowered and also moves from side to side to make sure its contents are properly mixed.


Proper refrigeration is going to be very important in your bakery, and ABM Food Equipment can help. We offer a great selection of both undercounter and reach-in refrigerators which fit snuggly into your bakery, making for easy and reliable refrigeration that does not take up too much of your valuable space. Undercounter refrigerators are excellent if you need to take up as little space in your bakery as possible; they are easily accessible and perfectly capable of storing your refrigerated products. Reach-in refrigerators are built for convenience and will go above and beyond when it comes to keeping your ingredients fresh.

Work Tables

In your bakery, you and your staff are going to need space to work, and ABM Food Equipment has just what you need in this regard. We offer a variety of both stainless-steel and maple work tables that are sturdy, tough, and reliable. These work tables are essential for carrying out the numerous tasks that come with running a bakery, such as rolling dough. Your staff is sure to be as productive as possible when you provide them with quality work spaces. Stainless steel tables are reliable and easy to clean, while maple tables are strong and long lasting.

Convection Ovens

ABM Food Equipment’s convection ovens are a valuable addition to any bakery. Made of premium stainless steel, they are available in both gas and electric models. A reliable convection oven is especially essential for high-volume bakeries that have a large customer base. They are fast and circulate hot air in order to create a uniform and consistent temperature, meaning they have faster cook times than a standard oven. Gas convection ovens are reliable and able to handle even the heaviest volumes, while their electric counterparts are a great alternative for those bakery owners who may not have access to gas power.

Dough Preparation

ABM Food Equipment can supply your bakery with the best in dough prep equipment. Dough sheeters, rollers, and pressers are making preparation time much faster and more efficient in bakeries today, and your bakery is going to need top of the line equipment if it wants to keep up! Our dough sheeters have a compact and ergonomic design, making them easy to use and easy to maintain. Dough rollers are excellent for flattening dough and come with heated upper plates for faster and easier flattening. When not hot, these plates can be used for cold pressing too. Lastly, our dough pressers can help flatten dough just as quickly and give a smooth finish to help with any needed shaping or cutting.

Proofing Cabinets

Bunn Rack

With the help of ABM Food Equipment, your Asian restaurant is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient when it comes to preparing delicious foods for any volume of customers! Introducing people to the wonders of Asian cuisine does not have to be a big challenge; we can help you to prepare delicious dishes that are sure to please. Whether you are opening a new Asian restaurant, or simply looking to upgrade your current restaurant’s kitchen, we have got you covered! We invite you to see what we have to offer, and take the first step towards running a thriving and outstanding Asian-style restaurant!