Asian Restaurant Equipment

Your Asian-style restaurant is going to need more than just the ingredients needed to produce flavorful and delicious dishes, you’ll also need the equipment to do this! Asian restaurants are very popular and are often great spots to find unique and tasty food experiences. Your Asian restaurant can become the talk of the town if you make the right decisions, and choosing to partner with ABM Food Equipment is the first right decision you’ll make!

We carry a variety of equipment for your Asian restaurant’s kitchen including wok ranges, induction cookers, and the ever-important rice cookers and warmers. Don’t fall behind in equipping your kitchen with reliable and efficient equipment! Choosing ABM Food Equipment is a surefire way to keep both your staff and your customers happy.

Rice Preparation Equipment

Rice is a common staple of Asian cuisine, so it’s important that your kitchen is doing rice properly! With the help of ABM Food Equipment, you’ll find that preparing and serving fresh, hot, and delicious rice is easy and fast. Our rice cookers are designed for ease of use, making them an essential tool in cooking rice to perfection. Since your Asian restaurant is likely to have a high demand for rice, our rice warmers have you covered when it comes to ensuring that you can produce large amounts of rice and keep it warm and ready to eat for extended periods of time.

Stock Pot Range

Commercial stock pot ranges are used to cook foods in large stock pots. If you are looking to open or are currently running a pizzeria, pizza sauce is your main reason for wanting to own a quality stock pot range. These ranges are used to cook all kinds of sauces in bulk, which is good news if you are going to be seeing a high volume of pizza-craving customers at your restaurant. ABM Food Equipment’s stock pot ranges are available in different sizes too, so you’ll be sure to find the one you’re looking for.

Wok Range

The wok range is key in preparing many Asian foods in large quantities. With a proper wok range, you can cook Asian-style foods in a number of different ways, including stir frying, deep frying, steaming, pan frying, stewing, and more! At ABM Food Equipment you will find that our wok ranges are high-quality and built to last. We carry moderate duty wok ranges that are a great all-around choice for preparing food quickly and easily, and we also carry heavy duty wok ranges. Heavy duty wok ranges are essential for a restaurant that sees a high volume of customers, and can do everything a moderate duty wok range can do, and then some!

Induction Cookers

A quality induction cooker is another piece of important equipment for your Asian restaurant’s kitchen. Induction cookers are built to cook smaller amounts of food quickly, making them perfect for preparing certain Asian dishes. ABM Food Equipment offers both moderate and heavy duty induction cookers, with moderate being a great choice for the average kitchen, and heavy duty models saving the day if you need a little more power.

Hot Water Dispensers

A quality hot water dispenser is a versatile and invaluable piece of kitchen equipment for your hotel. These machines are built with quality in mind and are excellent for everyday constant use. Our hot water dispensers are built to be more compact than other similar pieces of equipment, meaning that they can fit snugly into your kitchen next to your sinks, shelves, or any anything else. Hot beverages and food items involving hot water are much easier to prepare with a reliable hot water dispenser at your disposal.

Sushi Case

Commercial Dishwashers

If your business is seeing a high volume of customers, then you are going to want to make sure you can handle the number of dirty dishes that are sure to pile up on a daily basis. ABM Food Equipment offers durable and efficient commercial dishwashers that can help ease the dirty dishes burden. With an commercial dishwasher installed in your restaurant kitchen, you can rest assured that your staff has the means to deal with even the highest piles of plates, bowls, mugs, and cutlery.

With the help of ABM Food Equipment, your Asian restaurant is guaranteed to be faster and more efficient when it comes to preparing delicious foods for any volume of customers! Introducing people to the wonders of Asian cuisine does not have to be a big challenge; we can help you to prepare delicious dishes that are sure to please. Whether you are opening a new Asian restaurant, or simply looking to upgrade your current restaurant’s kitchen, we have got you covered! We invite you to see what we have to offer, and take the first step towards running a thriving and outstanding Asian-style restaurant!